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Founded in 1992, dB Technology Limited is managed by David Bell, Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the I.E.E. With over twenty five years experience of innovative electronic product design across a wide spectrum of applications, from simple dc motor control to custom satellite receivers, our skill set is extensive.

The business has secured four prestigious DTI merit awards for research and technology, SMART awards, and successfully concluded many technologically advanced projects for clients. Our core expertise is in hardware design, we network with numerous external consultants to extend our services into software and systems design.

The laboratory and office is equipped with a range of development tools, which include:
CAD system for design of schematic circuits, printed circuit boards, and CAM output
Design and simulation tools for Complex Programmable Logic Devices and FPGA's
Microcontroller design tools
Bluetooth development kit
A range of advanced test equipment such as spectrum analysers and digital oscilloscope

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Clients worked for:

•  Qinetiq
•  Delta Communication Ltd
•  Eclipse Blind Systems Ltd
•  Sylvania Lighting Ltd
•  Breathing Equipment Hire Ltd
•  Strata Software and Consultancy Ltd

Registered Office: Victoria Mews 19, Mill Field Road, Cottingley Business Park, Cottingley, Bingley, BD16 1PY
Company registered in England No. 2686940