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global positioning system
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Innovation is a key skill of dB Technology's, that enables new concepts and ideas to be realised and keep newly designed products one-step ahead of the competition. Our application of innovation from product concept to manufacture, from the simple solutions through to the technologically complex, leads to novel, creative and effective designs.

dB Technolgy Limited has the expertise to:

•  Design and develop a wide range of electronic products

•  Engineer products for manufacture at high or low volumes

•  Undertake compliance engineering for EMC and RoHS directives

•  Provide full reporting, documentation and attention to detail

Electronic systems worked with include:

GPS, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, Satellite Communications, Radio Frequency Both Digital and Analogue systems, Microcontrollers, Custom Logic Communications Protocols, Battery Powered Systems, Infra Red, DC motor control.

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